Overview of my karting career...

In the summer of 07' my Dad and I went to see Gerald Perry's son, Nick and his nephew, Tylor race at Dumplin Valley and Ashway Speedway. After watching them having fun we decided start kart racing too.

My Dad and I found an old straigh-rail kart on eBay, it had everything but the motor, seat and tires so we placed a bit on it an won it.

We traveled all the way to Pennsylvania (about 8 hours each way) to pick it up, Randy (the seller) was a great guy that has been racing 2-cycles for many years. Since we were just starting out, he gave me a kart stand and sized up a seat and show us how to get it bolted on correctly.

Once we got it home, we took everything off the frame and repainted it, we put everything back on it and then tried to paint the body. The paint didn't turn out that great because the paint would not stick to the plastic, so we ended up using vinyl sheet for the sides with some vinyl numbers, it worked really well and looked much better than out paint job.

We purchased some used DXA tires and a fresh Blue Plate Briggs motor from Fast Action Karting, we also picked up a few sets of rear gears and a used drum clutch.

After getting everything together one late Friday night (Aug 3, 2007), we decide to at least take my new Kart to practice the follwing night and if all went well, i was going to race it that same night.

After that first race, I was hooked and my Dad really got into it too. During my first season I was able to race a total of 9 times in Blue Plate and my last race I finished in 1st place, my very first win..

My second season (2008) we moved up to Gold Plate and started using a Phantom chassis and a Jimmy Glenn Flathead motor, the motor was a great motor, the Phantom took most of the season to figure out how to set it up, but we finally finished the season with qualifying on the pole against some strong compitition.

The third season (2009) I started running an Ultramax chassis with a Stout Racing Animal (1 hole Gold Plate) motor, Dad finally started working the tires with TrackTac products and I finally figured out what to change in the setup to get the chassis working better.

The forth season (2010) we had the Animal rebuilt for Stock, we had a great time with three first place finishes and ended up placing 5th of 9 (or 18 total entries) in the Ashway Speedway Points Series in Stock Lite.

The fifth season (2011) we ran Limited Mod with a Stout Racing Engines motor on the new UltraMax Badmax chassis and on the Ultramax Inferno Sr Champ, we also ran a Fast Action Karting motor on Sr Champ. Though we didn't run any points series, I did get to sub-drive for one of the Ashway Speedway points races, really had a great time just focusing on regular races and getting tons of time !

I'm going to run Sr Champ Flathead during the regular races this season (2012), we'll take the Limited Mod to the track every now and then until I go off to college later in the season !

Before my Dad and I hit the track for the first time, we decided to create this website to share pictures, videos, and race stats with the family and friends that can't make it to the track to watch me race, hope you enjoy this website and consider making a donation to help with my entry fees this season. Thanks !

Check out how this season is going by clicking here.