2010 Sponsors

I'd like to thank my Sponsors for this season !

Terry's Auto Repair

We Do ALL Automotive Repairs

Phone: (865) 933-8611

Visit Terry's website

Southern Branch Bluegrass

Online Radio - 128K Stereo and 56K Stereo

Pick your player and start listening !



We are in search of a Primary Sponsor for the 2011

Primary Sponsorship would include advertising your business on both race karts and trailer, give out flyers and coupons at the tracks and special events, make personal appearances at your business with race karts/gear and sign autographs, connect racers, track spectators, and visitors of this website to your products and services.

Though we enjoy great competition, we are widely known for our good sportsmanship and pride ourselves on our demeanor on and off the track. We will market your business in a professional manner, successfully communicate your message, and increase your brand's visibility to many racing audiences, which could improve your bottom line through out the entire year.

Please contact us anytime for further information about the Primary Sponsorship Package: driver@cab-racing.com

For more information and pricing on Sponsor Packages,
please contact me anytime driver@cab-racing.com.