Thank You

This page to thank the following family and friends for all the time,
advice, and help they have given to me since I've been racing.

Dad, for getting the Karts, doing the setup and taking me racing.

Mom, for letting me race and coming to the track to watch me.

My Sisters, for watching me race.

Mikki and Terry, for comming to the track and watching me race.

Tori and Matt, for watching me practice and race.

Gerald, for loaning me parts and help me learn more each race.

Nick, for great advice on running the the different tracks.

Jeannie, for all the great pictures of me on the track.

Lewis, for the new animal motor and the parts.

Travis H., for great advice at the track and rebuilding the Animal.

Mike, for the setup, scaling, and all the machine work.

Travis A., for good advice and help at the track.

Kenny, for the trailer, work great haul'n everything.

Gandma, for coming to the track and not having a heart attack.

Nana, for coming to the track and not having a heart attack.

Larry, for joining my Pit Crew and taking me to the track.

Missa Tonyo and Rebecca, for watching me race.

Kathy, for watching me race.

Big Daddy, Betty, and Will, for watching me race.

Tabby, a pass Blue Plate Driver who knew when to pass.

Kevin, my "Shake-n-Bake" friend back in Gold Plate.

Logan, a good compeditor, good friend, and a Stock Driver.

Chase, a Stock Driver, a decent Gamer, and a good friend.

Kyle, a Stock Driver and a friend of mine.

Michael, a Stout Racing Team Driver and a good friend.

Andrew, who always has some great advice on the track conditions.

Huddle House, for serving a great late night breakfast after racing.

Ashway Speedway Concession Stand, better than Huddle House.

I'm going to update this page every now and then.